Wombwell Rainbow Interviews: Ken Allan Dronsfield

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My thanks to Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine for selecting and publishing one of my newer pieces titled, “Flawless” on site. Please click on the link below to read the poem. Thank you for your support! Ken Allan Dronsfield​


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Featured Writer: Ken Allan Dronsfield

Thank you so much to Raja Williams​, CEO, Creative Talents Unleashed, for publishing my poem, “The Plum Tree” as Featured Writer yesterday! Just CLICK on the link below to read this poem and check out many other awesome pieces of literary goodness from a host of awesome poets and authors while there. My thanks to all for your continued support of my work. Ken​

Creative Talents Unleashed

The Plum Tree

How did the despair become

fluid for clear, dry eyes to shed?

Why did the burden on the heart

allow the stress and cause the beat

to finally stop now limp to the touch?

I’ve learned to live bringing such pain,

to bear as a heaviness and darkness

conjoin in a ripe nectar squeezed from

my mind creating an apathetic caste.

In these times of death, we hum our

dirges and become oracles of peace

while pounding that holy black book

forever bound by the millions of souls.

Remorseful, I’ve learned to inhale deep

as I await my turn to be quickly plucked

from that great plum tree of life, ripe as

I search for an epistemic loftiness below.

© Ken Allan Dronsfield

Ken Allan Dronsfield, PhotoAbout the Author

Ken Allan Dronsfield is a disabled veteran and poet, originally from New Hampshire, now residing on the southern plains of Oklahoma…

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Spotlight On Writers – Ken Allan Dronsfield – Spillwords

Want to know a little more about “Ken Allan Dronsfield”? If so, CLICK on the link below and read my “Spotlight On Writers – Ken Allan Dronsfield” on Spillwords! Ken

Spillwords.com presents: Spotlight On Writers – Ken Allan Dronsfield, a poet who has recently been nominated for The Best of the Net and 2 Pushcart Awards..

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