Atunis Poetry

My thanks to fellow Poet/Author and Editor of Atunis Poetry, Agron Shele​ for publishing three of my poems on site today. To read these poems please CLICK my name below! Thank you all for your overwhelming support! It’s truly appreciated. Ken​

 Ken Allan Dronsfield (USA)

Specter of Essence – a poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

My thanks to the awesome folks at the Amethyst Review for publishing several of my poems recently within the pages of the magazine, January saw “Into the Whipsaw”, “Pebble and Stubble” and February brings us “Specter of Essence”. To read the pieces, please CLICK on the link below and you should find them just round the corner! My thanks for your wonderful support of my writing! Ken Allan Dronsfield​via Specter of Essence – a poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Thief of Serpents

I wish to express my deep thanks to the wonderful team at the Academy of the Heart and Mind for publishing a pair of my poems Sunday and today! To read these pieces, the poem, “Faery” can be found here: and my poem Thief of Serpents can be read by clicking the link below. I thank you all for the support! Ken Allan Dronsfield​via Thief of Serpents