As the Cold Winds Blow

My thanks to the folks at Walking Is Still Honest W.I.S.H. Publishing for selecting and publishing my poem today!

Walking Is Still Honest Press

A poem
by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Autumn’s Wake
Whilst sitting upon a snowflake I ponder
come this November to never forget
the summer wears are all stored within
the small log cabin by a big misty lake.
My arms and hands so worn and rough
filling and moving the barrels of cider
blustery cold winds makes my eyes tear
the old horse slows only to cross the river.
The walking stick deep within fresh snow
wood fire feels good, as flakes melt away
the feeling now returns to toes and fingers
winter shook us all upon a day this autumn
as democrats fight during the winter’s blast,
republican’s scheme in their coolish dream
those shadowed hands stuff ballot boxes full
and liars now show as the cold winds blow.
Whilst I sit upon a snowflake and ponder
a November’s cold and uncertain tomorrow
feeling contrite within this evenings…

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