Coming Soon: Poetic Melodies Anthology

I am both honored and excited to have two of my poems included in this awesome Anthology, Poetic Melodies. My thanks to Raja and her superb team for putting this marvelous publication together!

Creative Talents Unleashed

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for this publication

Poetic Melodies Contributors

– Sound Tracks  Chapter 1 –

Shirley Ann Cooper – The Beat of My Heart

Stephanie Francis – Love Song

Vincent Van Ross – Music is Life

D.B. Hall – When A Song Opened My Eyes

Victor Clevenger – Out to Lunch

Jennifer Criss – That Song

Jimmy Boom Semtex – Wilderness

Renee Furlow – Remember When

Steve Lay – Journey

Leon Pryce – Musical Influence

Donna J. Sanders – Lullaby

Lynn White – Soundtrack

Christena AV Williams – Rhymes Rebirth

– Harmonies Chapter 2 –

Scott Thomas Outlar – Sunshine Song

D.B. Hall – When She Sings

Christopher Allen Breidinger – The Poet’s Harmony

Billy Charles Root – Switchblade Songbird

William L. Wright, Jr. – Molded in Song

Sunayna Pal – Music in the House

Ken Allan Dronsfield – Melodious in B Major


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I'm a published poet/writer. I love thunderstorms at night, walking through the woods. Watching the sunrise with a hot coffee. I love spending time with my cat Willa.

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